Welcome to the Assessment Corporate Center Site Tour!

Here you will get an idea of all of the functionality available with the MAPP Assessment tools. Click on each of the icons below to learn more about that specific area.

  • Your MAPP Clients

    In this area you will be able to look at your clients, see if they have finished the MAPP Assessment and view their results.

  • MAPP Profiles

    Here you can see your own MAPP Profile Library to use to explore careers for your clients.

  • MAPP Matching Tools

    MAPP Matching Tools to find the right careers for your clients and customers.

  • MAPP KeyCodes

    Manage your keycodes or request new ones.

  • MAPP Matching and Profiling

    MAPP Matching and Profiling is the Key to finding the best Career Match.

  • Validity and Reliability

    See all of our Validity and Reliability Studies and Results.

  • MAPP FAQ's

    MAPP Frequently asked Questions and Answers.

  • The MAPP Interpretation Guide

    Download the MAPP Interpretation Guide.

  • MAPP Reference Manual

    You will be able to explore the complete MAPP Reference Manual. All of the MAPP traits are explained in detail.