MAPP Profiles

In this area, you will manage your MAPP Profiles.

Create a MAPP Profiles

MAPP Profiles can be created in 3 different ways:

  • Copy an ONET Profile: Copying one of the over 1,000 existing ONET MAPP Profiles
  • Using the results of one person: Select this option when you are looking for a person most similar to someone on your list.
  • Using the results of five people: Creates a composite MAPP profile of the 5 individuals and runs an algorithm to find the similarities and differences between the 5 individuals and does an alternate scores where it adds value to the traits of most importance. This is the preferred way to create a MAPP Profile.

Edit your MAPP Profiles

You can edit your MAPP profiles to make them public or private and change the name or description. If you have enabled in your career center preferences the ability for your clients to match to your profiles, then your clients will have the ability to match to all of your profiles marked public.