MAPP Reliability and Validity

The outcome of the Reliability Study has proven MAPP to be an accurate tool for identifying an individual's motivations. However, the real test is allowing each individual to self-validate the MAPP by taking the assessment and reviewing their own appraisal.

Through a Construct Validity Study with the MAPP and the Strong we have found the predicted occupational matches to range from .50-.92 with a median correlation of .67. This is particularly noteworthy. Validity Study 2

All three of the reliability coefficients indicate that MAPP is highly consistent over time and shows great stability in test responses. While .50 is an acceptable reliability coefficient for true score variability, the MAPP instrument exceeds standards with coefficients of .95, .90, and .71.

Click Here to download a copy of reliability study reply letter from Gail E Lorenz, Ph.D.