Your MAPP Clients!

In this area, you will manage your MAPP Clients. On the landing page you will see the members list that contains anyone who has started the MAPP Assessment under your account.

The Members List shows you a quick link to your clients, including whether they have completed, and links to their details and results. You will also be able to download either a pdf or a word document from here, according to the settings that you have selected on your account settings.

Your Member Details

You can select the "Details" button on any of your clients and find out additional information about them and their account.

From the Member Details page, you will be able to view the information they submitted when they started the MAPP, view their MAPP results in any of our available languages, view they MAPP Summary Report and download either a PDF or a Word document in any of the available languages. You will also have the ability to edit their details.

Search by Email

You can select the "Seach By Email" link to find your clients.

MAPP Results

In the MAPP Assessment Partner Center, you will be able to download the MAPP results for any members who have taken the Assessment under your account. Here are some example MAPP results to show you what you will be able to download once you have an account setup.

Example PDF Results for Jane Doe: This is a sample of the pdf document version of the MAPP results that you will be able to download. Example Word Results for Pat Doe: This is a sample of the Word document version of the MAPP results that you will be able to download. Example PDF Results for Laura Doe (HTML Output): This is a pdf sample version of the results you would see on your browser when you click on your clients results link.

The MAPP Assessment results are customizable for you, so you can select what portions of the MAPP Assessment are displayed. You can also have an email sent to you once a client completes the assessment with a copy of the results.