MAPP Match

Once a company has created the motivational profile for the job, they can match people to the job. The underlying theory is that when a person is correctly matched to things they are motivated - intrinsically motivated to do, they will perform better, be more satisfied, provide better service and will stay in the position and with the company longer. MAPP Matching is easy to do. A client can match a person to one or more jobs, match a job to one or more people or match to the O*Net, the Government's on-line job database of more than 900 jobs. The report is easy to read. When matching several people to the same job (this is the type of matching done for selection purposes), the person with the highest percent match has the closest motivational profile of the job. This predicts future success in the job.

MAPP Job Profiles

Use our job profiling system to create a motivational profile for jobs within your company. To do this, the recommended way is to select the five most satisfied, top performers in the given position. These individuals take the MAPP assessment. Using the five individuals' motivational profiles, our system produces the job's motivational profile. Profiles can also be built by using the "nearest neighbor" (only one person in the job and you want another person just like the first person, when creating a new position, use a questionnaire, or build a profile from on-line job database of over 1,000 jobs - O*Net.