Things: Engineering, Operating, Sensory/Physical

5 Tending: Monitoring/Adjusting Gauges, Switches, Controls: monitoring processes by means of measuring and recording devices such as computers, gauges, calibrating instruments, etc.; often involves adjusting materials or controls to keep that which is measured within specific ranges or limits.

Tending: monitoring/adjusting gauges, controls, switches required to observe and record instrumentation of industrial processes; usually operational, administrative or clerical; very often includes adjusting timers and temperature controls, turning switches on and off, turning flow valves, etc. on a schedules, volume or count basis.

High motivation indicates that this person is motivated and equipped for taking care of operational/clerical activities. This means monitoring on-going operational processes through observation of recording instruments which show what is currently happening. It usually involves more than just observing and recording what is observed. It often requires setting limits (such as temperature or flow controls), turning flow valves or switches on and of on a scheduled or situational basis. It includes responsibility for quickly noting when something is not happening as it should, and then taking immediate, appropriate action—including shutting down the process, or alerting technical or management personnel. This tending position does not imply or suggest just clerical observation and posting.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person is perceptive and alert relative to monitoring operational processes by use of technical recording instruments. This includes remaining interested, alert and responsible throughout steady operational shifts. This activity could appropriately be called operational/clerical because it means keeping tab on what is going on.
Low motivation indicates that this person is not oriented toward routine, alert monitoring, recording and reporting of operational or machine processes. Such activity is too clerical for this person.