Things: Engineering, Operating, Sensory/Physical

2 Operate/Control: On-Site Machine Operation: starting, stopping, controlling, and adjusting the operation of stationary machines. Operating machines involves setting up and adjusting machines prior to and in the process of operation. This involves observing gauges, dials, etc.; manipulating controls, valves, etc. to control factors such as material processing and flow, load limits, tolerances, lubrication, temperatures, pressures, etc.

Operate-control: on-site machine operation required to set up, operate, control, feed on-site, stationary machines; responsible for machine operation, performance, output, quality, maintenance, and adjustment.

High motivation indicates that this person has good awareness and ability to run/manage fixed machine operation; and to be responsible for machine performance, condition, output and quality. This necessitates constant awareness of what is happening with the machine itself, with the processes being done by the machine, with materials going into the machine, quality of materials coming from the machine, and how and when to make adjustments and provide maintenance. A number of functions are involved and require a variety of talents—the most important being machine savvy, alert monitoring of operations, and coping with routine.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person likes and understands machines, has ability to operate controls and observe machine performance, and copes well with the routine involved with fixed-site machine operation. This person is moderately motivated for on-site machine operation rather than being dedicated to that activity. So tenure in the position may not be guaranteed for extended time for this individual. However, it may be extended by merit raises, variety of work assignments or activities, etc.
Being stuck to a machine all day is not this person's definition for a satisfying vocation, occupation or job. There is little interest in, or understanding of machines; little interest in steadily monitoring machine performance; and little coping with routine that is required.