Things: Engineering, Operating, Sensory/Physical

0 Engineering, Technical Planning, Installation: planning, design, layout, installation of machines; knowledge of assembly, operation, leverage, force, motion, and power; also includes systematic, methodical achievement of projects or objectives by use of instruments, machines and equipment. This is primarily an activity of the mind, but it most often leads to an extended fused linkage: mental/sensory/physical/mechanical.

Engineering: technical planning, design, installation requiring design, layout, testing, installing, improving, monitoring regarding machines, systems, hardware, software, operations, etc. Mechanical awareness, intuition, curiosity, experimentation and implementation are important traits for this activity. In short, it is called mechanical savvy and know-how.

High motivation indicates that this person is motivated and talented for mechanical engineering, including:
  1. natural mechanical awareness of assembly, fabrication, operation, leverage, motion, force and power;
  2. ability to design and/or draw technical plans;
  3. technical, statistical and numerical analysis; and
  4. layout and installation capability. This highly motivated, multi-talented engineering orientation probably means professional dedication to a major engineering vocation.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has interest and talent related to mechanical, technical, or systems engineering. It includes natural mechanical savvy about what makes things tick and motivation to design, assemble, build, install or operate machines, equipment or systems. Engineering may or may not be the major vocational activity. A moderate motivation indicates that this person's specific engineering orientation becomes clear when all factors in this Worker Trait Code section are studied. Many traits can be involved in various combinations. It is advisable to also review the Interest and Temperament sections.
Low motivation in this area indicates that Engineering activities, regarding mechanics, systems, etc., do not fit this person's vocational interests or talents.