Temperament For The Job

3 Work Under Management or Supervision by Others: working role and activities which are planned, directed, supervised, and monitored by someone higher with management responsibility and authority. Such role and activity allow little or no room for independent action or judgment to choose what to do or how to do it.

Supervised activity directed by others requiring activity determined, scheduled, assigned, supervised and monitored by others; works well in a subordinate position and role; little or no need for independent judgment, decisions, or actions.

High motivation indicates that this person has a strong preference to work under the management or supervision of others who are competent and knowledgeable in their area of expertise. This also may indicate a preference to avoid work of an independent nature (i.e. self-directed, self-planned, self-managed). Performance, morale, energy, enthusiasm, and quality of work tend to reflect how satisfied this person is with the working environment as created and managed by the motivational and inspirational leadership of a manager, director, supervisor, or lead-person.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has a moderate preference to work under the competent leadership of others, work closely with peers, or function independently. It is valuable to identify which social environment may be best suited for this person, but the work role in itself, is not a decisive factor.
Low motivation indicates that this person does not particularly like or need to be managed by others. It is important to study related Worker Traits to determine whether low motivation indicates that this person is motivated to manage, influence, persuade, or work independently. Persons who don't wish to be managed sometimes do not perform or adjust well when closely monitored or supervised. They resent being dominated, managed, or controlled by others.