Reasoning: Mental Processes Required By Job

5 Apply Ideas and Strategies To Real Problems/Tasks: innovation and experimentation attempt to achieve breakthroughs in improving or upgrading currently operating systems or procedures to a next higher level of performance. New problem solving is blended with known problem solving. It is thoroughly knowing how things are working now, making things function as effectively as possible, but still having ideas about causing them to function better in new ways. It is sticking with a procedure until insight, hunch, or savvy comes up with an idea. This is not the same as the item above (6) which relies on intuition, creativity, and totally new approaches to doing things.

Apply ideas and strategies to real problems/tasks requiring analytical, scientific and/or technical thinking to identify, explore, define problems, options and/or challenges relative to existing problems, situations, and needs; collect information, establish facts, figure pragmatic solutions, determine appropriate action; connect abstract and concrete variables.

Scientific/technical/logical thinking is applied by this person to identify, analyze and solve challenges and/or problems; to collect data, establish facts, connect abstract and concrete variables, draw valid conclusions, determine appropriate action, devise strategies and systems to achieve objectives. This is engineering in the industrial and technical sense.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has a mind oriented toward systems engineering—identifying, analyzing and solving challenges and/or problems by collecting data, establishing facts, connecting abstract and concrete variables, drawing valid conclusions, determining appropriate actions, and devising strategies and systems to achieve objectives. Many traits are involved. Systems engineering is moderately motivated for this person, so all of those traits are not strongly or equally motivated. Review of all Worker Traits will identify which area or areas of engineering are motivated and talented for this person.
Systems and technical strategies are not a part of this person's mental skills. Perception and thinking do not see life, situations or things as jig-saw puzzles that are to be taken apart, analyzed and then put back together—especially if they aren't in the same place as before. Low motivation indicates that this person sees things as they are and for what they are without curiosity or questions.