Reasoning: Mental Processes Required By Job

2 Methodical and Thorough in Routine Procedures: this is "administrative" activity. It includes clerical activity, but it is not just clerical. Methodical means that persons are not just doing the work, but are monitoring and tracking what they are doing so nothing is missed, lost or misdirected.

Methodical and thorough in routine procedures required to apply common sense to carry out detailed, but non-complex, non-technical written or oral instructions; few variable or complexities; i.e., "go by the book."

High motivation indicates that this person seeks, needs and enjoys occupational activity which is exclusively methodical, thorough, and routine. That kind of activity may require mental attention, focus and concentration. On the other hand, it may not. In many very repetitious activities, a worker literally delivers one's body (i.e. sensory/physical system) to a specific work-site, turns that "system" on to function "automatically" (i.e. subconsciously)—trusting that it will keep on running while the mind "takes off elsewhere" and comes back at quitting time to take the physical system (body) home—and it is that kind of person that can do that job best, most accurately and safely, for the longest time, and get the most satisfaction from it. Many assembly line operations would have to shut down without this kind of person.
For this person, it is natural and comfortable to "get into the swing of things" and "go with the flow'. Ability to become synchronized with operational flow can be the result of many trait combinations, the most likely being mechanical "savvy', attachment to the familiar, and attention to detail-plus certain NON-motivated "social" traits. It is likely that moderate motivation indicates that this person is motivated in methodical, thorough, and routine activities as long as those activities are a necessary part of more strongly motivated interests. (note: many people like methodical, meticulous, routine activities as "a break" or departure from vocational activities which call for constant change, variety, quick decisions, risk, etc.)
Methodical, meticulous, routine activities are not motivated, acceptable, or tolerable for this person. Work must have change, variety, options, challenge, and opportunity to move up on the basis of talent or merit.