People: Relationships, Roles, Interaction

3 Supervise: Plan, Manage Work Activities of Others: a member of management who, in the eyes of the workers, is the personification of management because he or she is responsible for their activities at all times; including planning, scheduling, assigning work, requiring performance to certain standards, motivating people, reporting work done for compensation (or seeing that it is done).

Supervise: plan, manage work activity of others required to plan, assign, direct the vocational activities with responsibility for outcomes of their work. This can include executive, managerial, supervisory, group leader, expediting or dispatching activities. Emphasis is on performance and achievement by utilizing the talents of people.

High motivation indicates that this person willingly accepts responsibility for planning, assigning and supervising work activities of others in operational or administrative activities. Emphasis is on daily scheduling, procedures, expediting, motivating, solving problems as they arise, and meeting functional objectives. This activity has prime responsibility for developing the will to work in employees and motivating them to higher levels of attainment and performance.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has talent for planning, assigning, directing, supervising and monitoring work activities of others. This is direct, steady on-site contact and interaction with those being supervised. It includes responsibility for morale, attitudes, attendance, training, safety, and getting adequate quality and performance from employees.
Low motivation indicates that this person does not want management or supervisory responsibilities. Instead, low motivation indicates that this person would rather function under management by others, or function independent of any supervision.