People: Relationships, Roles, Interaction

2 Instruct: Teach, Train, Influence, Demonstrate: teaching subject matter to others, or training others (including animals) through explanation, demonstration, leadership, control, and/or supervised practice. This includes strategic planning, creating and maintaining a quality learning environment, and motivating the learners.

Instruct, teach, train, influence, demonstrate, requiring ability to have useful knowledge; assemble that knowledge in presentable communicative form; and effectively communicate that information by various means to cause others to effectively understand and use that knowledge. Such communication can be in many forms, using many media outlets, for many purposes. Philosophical, literary, scientific, managerial, and/or persuasive traits may be involved in this person's talent and drive to educate, train, or influence others. The main objective is to share knowledge and information that will be useful. So, conveying information to others assumes that educating self precedes educating others.

High motivation indicates that this person enjoys learning, sees the big picture, recognizes how pieces fit the picture, and gains from passing information on to others. Because so many traits might be involved in instructing activities, it is important to scan the Worker Traits to see which traits are important.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person is motivated to educate—which here means to share knowledge that will be useful for the persons taught. Instructing can be in many forms: teaching, training, influencing and demonstrating. It is done through various combinations of traits; and there are many traits which could be involved. So it is necessary to scan all Worker Traits to discover why and how this person instructs others.
Low motivation indicates that this person functions primarily on the basis of natural, sensory and/or physical talents—and has little inclination toward instructing others. Learning is primarily experiential and best accomplished through apprenticeship or self-experimenting. Low motivation indicates that this person is willing to share knowledge of how to do things.