Mathematics: Math Function Required By Job

5 Statistical, Investigative Mathematics: math used to prove, validate, or confirm other math by using acceptable procedures such as statistics. Emphasis is on premise, basis, criteria, method, evidence, repetition, and confirmation. It is research follow-up rather than research spearheading and tends to be a shared process rather than an individual pursuit.

Statistical, investigative mathematics requiring use of mathematics to support, confirm, validate research, experimental or investigative mathematics; use of mathematics for measurement of probabilities, mean, standard deviation, etc.

Statistical, investigative USE of mathematics fits this person's mental orientation and capacity. This kind of math is valuable for many kinds of "engineering" activities-mechanical, systems, hydraulic, geological, computer, etc. Methodical, logic, pragmatism, and objectivity are central to the activity. Computers are typically essential for this work.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person is methodically curious, exploratory, analytical and systematic—with math as a primary or important tool for such activity. Math is not an end in itself, but used more as a "tool" as just stated. "Proof" is a major priority of thinking.
Statistical and/or investigative kinds of math are too esoteric for this person's math orientation and capacity. Arithmetic and business math may be in the range of "aptitude" which can be determined by review of related Worker Traits.