Mathematics: Math Function Required By Job

3 Computational: Solving Routine Math Problems: "number crunching" for such things as payroll, selling, purchasing, billing, taxes, insurance, etc. Much of this kind of math can be programmed for automatic computer processing.

Computational solving of routine math problems requiring basic business mathematics; accounting, bookkeeping procedures to record and document business transactions and activities; involves forms, reports, decimals, fractions, percentages.

The Worker Trait factor called "computational" should be called "business math" because it means everyday calculations related to over-the-counter or on-site business calculations or transactions. It means figuring commercial transactions like buying groceries at a store, lunch at a restaurant, or a plane ticket at an airport. It is primarily addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and recording results. High rating for this math Worker Trait shows that this person is motivated and equipped for computational math.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has good talent for business math related to commercial calculations and transactions—which means competency and accuracy with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Low motivation indicates that this person doesn't like routine, basic mathematics oriented activities, and prefers not to work with math, nor depend on math skills in occupational activities.