Language: Literary & Communicative Requirement

6 Creative Literary, Communicative Ability: creative imagination expressed in words; ability to have new ideas, concepts, plots, etc.; gifted for writing fiction, mysteries, and innovative ways or words to explain things. Poetry, lyrics, and drama fit in this classification.

Creative literary, communicative ability requiring creative writing, reporting, editing for publication or professional presentation; writing for books, newspapers, magazines, technical journals; prepare and deliver lectures or speeches.

High motivation indicates that this person is highly motivated and talented for creative writing and communicating at professional levels. Mind orientation is holistic, conceptual, imaginative, and creative. Ideas trigger more ideas. High rating for this Worker Trait indicates an interactive combination of literary and philosophical traits. Potential includes writing fiction, poetry, scripts for movies or television, advertising copy, marketing copy, teaching creative writing, etc.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has creative writing and communicating abilities that are important vocational assets. Mental orientation is holistic and conceptual-and includes abstract ideas, concepts, theories, capacity for fiction and symbols. Writing is probably not a specialized or professional activity, but, it could be in particular area. Other Worker Traits should be screened to determine where and how this writing and communicative skill fits into this person's vocational orientation.
Writing and spokesperson activities are not motivational for this person. A job which demands creative writing skills most likely will be experienced and perceived as quite stressful and unsatisfying.