Language: Literary & Communicative Requirement

4 Systematic, Logical Explanation and Education: topical explanations which fully explain and inform; ability to outline a topic, formulate sequential explanation to cover all essential parts, and reach a logical conclusion. The objective is to teach or explain.

Systematic, logical explanation and education required to describe, explain, clarify, teach, illustrate; interpret and simplify technical writing as well as drawings and specifications; primarily applied in teaching, journalism, consulting, counseling, computer programming, systems engineering, etc.

High motivation indicates that this person is motivated to describe, explain, teach, illustrate, and interpret. This is a journalistic trait dedicated to inform people. Social, leadership, influential, technical, service, and functional traits are involved. It is therefore necessary to review all Worker Traits to more closely identify this person's orientation relative to this trait.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has talent for systematic, logical explanation and education. This rating is based on the complementary interaction of a number of traits: social, leadership, influential, technical, service and functional. Review of all Worker Traits will identify this person's specific journalistic orientation.
Low motivation indicates that this person has little interest in vocationally doing commercial, professional, or educational writing.