Language: Literary & Communicative Requirement

1 Read, Understand, Follow Basic Instructions: understand and remember simple, basic communication and/or instructions. This is communication which is probably not higher than a fifth grade comprehension level. Remembering exactly what was written or said is the key element of this factor.

Understand and follow basic instructions required to understand basic rules, instructions, guidelines or demonstrations; write brief identifying information such as name, address, product, weight, cost, etc.

High motivation indicates that this person has ability to carefully, thoroughly read simple explanatory or instructional statements (like the directions on the label of a soup can) and fully/accurately know what was said. This is not a widely shared trait. Unless the subject attracts the reader's attention in the first place, reading of elementary instructions is just "scanning"—and some information is probably overlooked, ignored, or bypassed. A high motivation indicates that this person should use this talent as an important vocational asset.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has the ability to read elementary statements or instructions and have good recall of specific contents. This talent is an asset when it interacts with other talents.
Low motivation indicates that this person does not give particularly close attention to non-motivated information, data, or detail such as elementary and basic instructions. The assumption may be to simply use common sense, or to experiment, in order to figure it out.