Interest In Job Content

The Interest section identifies the ideal job content for this person by identifying the human talents, called Worker Traits, which he/she brings to the job. These talents are listed in their order of motivational priority and are central to the vocational potential of an individual. Typically, what one wants to do is that which he/she is most likely to do. If it is done often enough, (including training for it) the interest will turn into real skills, and then, he/she will stay on that job.

3 Routine, Organized, Methodical procedure/action: activities of a repetitious, concrete, organized and tangible nature, such as clerical or administrative functions. There is little change in how or when or even why things are done.

Routine, organized, methodical procedures requiring repetitious procedures as primary or important a part of job activity; can be mental, administrative, clerical, machine-paced, sensory/physical.

High motivation indicates that this person is emotionally and sentimentally attached to the familiar, and typically prefers routine, organized, and methodical procedures in all life activities. This indicates a resistance to, and negative feelings toward, sudden, unannounced or major changes. This is true even if a high motivation indicates that this person would accept, or even desire, such changes provided more time, or exposure to the possibility or need of the change.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person is comfortable with routine, organized, and methodical procedures. But this is not a need or dependency. A moderate motivation indicates that this person is able to adapt to change if it isn't too sudden, radical, or disruptive. There is a good balance between stability and flexibility.
Low motivation indicates that this person seeks and needs change and variety. Sameness and routine cause loss of interest, drive and energy. Low motivation also indicates that to this person, it is true that a change is as good as a rest. This individual enjoys vocation, recreation, and/or vacations, which include lots of change and variety, new challenges and experiences, new contacts and acquaintances.