Data: Priority and Preference of Mind Activity

5 Copy: Duplicate, Transcribe, Record, Send: processing and duplicating hard-copy information for multiple use. It may be more than manual, i.e., using sophisticated copiers. This can also mean activities like posting (taking inventory) or processing mail (applying postage). Most of the process is sensory/physical, plus attention to detail.

Copy: duplicate, transcribe, record, send; required to duplicate by sensory/physical skills; use of computers or specialized machines for publishing graphic information; visual, graphic skills; use of copiers, cameras, projectors, etc.

A strongly motivated copy trait means more than laying a paper face down in a copy machine and pushing buttons. It includes:
  1. awareness of spatial measure and layout: size, shape, dimension, perspective;
  2. artistic ability for factual image reproduction;
  3. attention to detail;
  4. awareness of machine function and use; and
  5. tolerance of (or preference for) routine.
This is an asset for database management, administrative work, warehouse processing, or library activities. It is particularly valuable for persons operating printing or copy shops-or persons involved in publishing with computers.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has talent for reproducing images, information, etc. by machine operation and/or graphic skills. This copy activity involves detail and routine. It is an asset for database management, computer publishing activity, administrative work or library work, and/or warehouse processing.
Low motivation indicates that this person is not interested in mail room activities; i.e., duplicating and processing forms, bulletins, envelopes, etc. Detail and routine are avoided; as are activities related to detail and routine.