Data: Priority and Preference of Mind Activity

3 Compile: Gather, Classify, Store Information: gathering, collating or classifying information of many kinds from many sources; a very important skill and function in database management; sorting, classifying, storing, retrieval, publishing, and distribution are very often a part of this activity.

Compile: gather, classify, store information requiring the ability to perceive. recognize, sort, retain and recall useful information; administrative, clerical, procedural assembly of useful data and detail; important for data-base information systems, planning, consulting, engineering, etc.

Compiling means more than simply gathering arm's full of data sheets and stuffing them in a filing cabinet. It means that this person is motivated to currently find, identify, classify, store, remember and retrieve what is important, or what might be important, for future use. This is crucial for researchers, technical writers, lawyers, academic teachers, consultants, systems engineers and programmers. It tends toward being a pack rat orientation.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person is conscious of the importance of information and evidence relative to the whole story of a subject or topic. Along with that perception, there is a natural sorting process of separating what is important from what is trivial. A moderate motivation indicates that this person is deliberate, methodical and thorough in compiling, labeling and storing information for later use.
Low motivation indicates that this person is not naturally attentive to detail and does not like clerical or administrative activities. If information is saved for future reference or use, it is quite likely that it will not be remembered, or its location will be forgotten. This person remembers information in general terms relative to the main theme or subject.