Aptitude: Mental, Perceptual, Sensory/Physical

F Mental/Sensory Skills in Handling Fine Details: talented mental/sensory/physical ability to work with fine detail, close tolerances, very accurate pinpointing of specific functions (such as working on computer chips or connecting wires of phone cables). In addition to the skills, a high rating here indicates tolerance of routine, willingness to concentrate for a long time, and ability to work apart from others if necessary.

Mental/sensory skills in handling fine detail requiring the ability to accurately and efficiently handle small objects and detail with concentration, coordination, timing, rhythm, etc.

Handling fine detail could and should be called the needlepoint trait, because that identifies what is required to get a high rating:
  1. ability or potential to handle and manipulate small objects rapidly and accurately;
  2. excellent perception of, and concentration on detail;
  3. keen visual awareness of spatial measure relative to detail;
  4. nimble skills of fingers, hands, wrists, and arms;
  5. durability in routine activity; and
  6. tangible problem solving drive (e.g. repairing a small wrist watch).

High motivation indicates that this person has that construct of talents in order to get a high rating for this Worker Trait. With continued industry emphasis on miniaturization, this is a valuable talent.

Moderate motivation indicates that this person has the ability and potential (aptitude) to handle and manipulate small objects rapidly and accurately, with good concentration, for a considerable length of time. Although an aptitude, the only way of knowing if this trait is adequately motivated for steady handling of detail is to review all Worker Traits related to detail, concentration, keen visual awareness, extended routine, and handling of functional problems.
Low motivation indicates that this person does not want to handle minute manipulation of detail for extended periods of time. Splicing telephone wires at a switchboard installation is not this person's idea of a chosen career, nor is knitting a sweater to enter in a county fair competition.