Aptitude: Mental, Perceptual, Sensory/Physical


C-See and Sense Colors, Shades, Patterns, Texture: awareness, perception and expression regarding aesthetics, beauty, color, and spatial measure: size, shape, distance, dimension, perspective, etc. Such awareness and talent can be sensory/physical, psychological, and/or philosophical.

See and sense colors, shades, patterns, textures requiring the ability to perceive, recognize or discern colors, shades, patterns, textures and differences thereof; also recognize harmonious or contrasting color combinations; match colors accurately; good perception of spatial measure-size, shape, distance, dimension, perspective, relationship. It is either an asset or necessity to sense, understand, or know the psychological and philosophical meaning of colors, patterns, textures, etc. in their symbolic context.

At its highest development and talent, this trait means sensing and seeing aesthetics, essence, philosophical and psychological meaning and effect of color pattern, texture, and spatial measure: size, shape, distance, dimension, perspective, relationship, etc. It includes abstract dimensions and patterns, graphics, layouts, etc. That higher artistic sense is the source of abstract art, animated films, computer graphics, fractal geometry, new clothing designs and styles, modern architecture, etc.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person is aware of beauty, color, and spatial measure: size, shape, perspective, and dimension. If and how that artistic awareness is applied depends on the presence, motivation, and influence of related traits: art, photography, oil painting, sketching, abstract art, mechanical drawing, landscape architecture for golf courses; layout of newspaper ads, computer publishing, or pasting. The various possible traits constructed determine if and how that artistic talent will be used and applied.
Low motivation indicates that this person has little artistic interest; and if interest is low, artistic talent has probably not been developed. Certainly, the use of artistic details and processes in job context would be problematic for people without such interest.