Leveraging MAPP Assessments in Enterprises: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: Enhancing Talent Management with MAPP Assessments

In the dynamic landscape of modern enterprises, understanding and harnessing the strengths of each employee is crucial. The MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Assessment has emerged as a vital tool for businesses seeking to optimize their workforce capabilities. This article explores how enterprises can effectively utilize MAPP assessments, focusing on the practical aspects of purchasing, distributing, and leveraging these assessments within an organization.

Purchasing and Distribution of MAPP Assessments

Step 1: Acquiring Keycodes

Enterprises begin by purchasing MAPP assessments from Assessment.com. On purchase, the enterprise is provided with a set of keycodes. Each keycode is a unique identifier that allows a single user to access and complete the MAPP assessment.

Step 2: Distributing Keycodes to Employees

These keycodes are then distributed by the enterprise to its employees. This distribution can be aligned with various organizational objectives, such as leadership development, team building, or individual career planning.

Taking the MAPP Assessment

Step 1: Accessing the Assessment

Employees go to www.takemapp.com to access the MAPP assessment. Here, instead of the usual payment page, they enter the provided keycode.

Step 2: Completing the Assessment

Upon entering the keycode, employees can begin the assessment. The MAPP assessment is designed to uncover intrinsic motivations, working preferences, and potential career paths, providing valuable insights into each individual’s professional profile.

Monitoring and Analysis: The Administrative Dashboard


A critical feature provided to enterprises is the administrative dashboard. This dashboard is accessible through the admin login and offers a comprehensive platform to monitor, analyze, and utilize the assessment results effectively.

Tracking Participation

The dashboard allows administrators to track who has completed the assessment. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring compliance and gauging participation across different departments or teams.

Running Reports

Enterprises can run various reports based on the assessment results. These reports can include aggregate data to understand the overall strengths and weaknesses of a team or department, or individual reports to assist in personal development plans.

Comparing Results

A key feature of the admin dashboard is the ability to compare results across individuals or groups. This comparison can be instrumental in identifying complementarities and diversities within teams, aiding in effective team composition and conflict resolution strategies.

Creating Custom Profiles

Enterprises can also create custom profiles based on the results of top performers or specific roles. These profiles can then be used as benchmarks for recruitment, internal promotions, and identifying potential leaders within the organization.

Conclusion: Strategic Advantages of MAPP in Enterprises

The MAPP Assessment offers enterprises a sophisticated tool for understanding and developing their human capital. By leveraging keycodes for easy access, and utilizing the comprehensive features of the administrative dashboard, enterprises can gain deep insights into their workforce. These insights enable more informed decision-making in areas such as talent acquisition, team building, employee development, and leadership training. In the ever-evolving corporate world, the MAPP Assessment stands as a beacon for enterprises aiming to maximize their human resource potential and foster a more dynamic, productive, and satisfied workforce.

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