Temperament For The Job

X-Provide Service Dedicated to Interest of Others: this Worker trait primarily measures benevolence: sacrificial giving of self in the interest of others. But it includes philosophical and social factors as well. It means empathetic, sympathetic, benevolent, social, or organizational involvement in the lives of others on a service basis.

Provide service dedicated to interest of others requiring empathetic, sympathetic, personal involvement in the lives of others relative to hurts, pains, needs, and wishes of others; willing, intentional, benevolent giving of self in the interest of others. Benevolence of the heart with personal satisfaction coming directly from helping others.

High motivation indicates that this person is benevolent-to voluntarily give of self to help others, especially regarding current pain, hurts, stress, needs, and problems. This means empathetic, sympathetic, intentional, personal involvement in the personal lives of others to give help, sacrificially if necessary-and to subjectively gain personal satisfaction from providing personal service. Please note emphasis on the word personal. This is a heart trait, and is totally self-motivated and voluntary. It is one of the most strongly motivated traits in determining vocational dedication. The word "others" is important in the context of benevolence: a high motivation indicates that this person is more benevolent toward persons not intimately, formally, or organizationally related. Benevolence expects those in close relationship to join in the giving rather than being a priority recipient. Nonetheless, this person is benevolent toward all persons. But benevolence does have priorities about eligibility of persons for help. Motivation for this trait is compounded if functioning interactively with a strongly motivated philosophical trait.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person is naturally empathetic, sympathetic, generous, and helpful. This person is always ready to offer a helping hand to others. If benevolence is to be a part of vocational or volunteer activities, it is important to identify how it best functions with other Worker Traits. A moderate motivation indicates that this person is generous and helpful relative to current hurts, needs, problems, and wishes of others, particularly those who are in direct contact.
Low motivation indicates that this person is conscious of self-what is going for and against self, and how it adds up; with pleasure, enthusiasm, and energy when things are going for this person; with frustration, disappointment, maybe stress, and disillusionment when things are going against this person. Self-interest typically comes first.