Language: Literary & Communicative Requirement

2 Record, Transmit, Post, File Information: gather, record, classify, departmentalize, store, retrieve and distribute information. It can be database management, library processing, administrative or clerical activity related to words and data.

Record, transmit, file, post information requiring data entry and retrieval; copy data from one record to another; record for rough draft or corrected copy; interview for information.

High motivation indicates that this person is talented for word processing in its widest application: administrative, secretarial, editing, library referencing, management information systems, electronic transmission of information, etc. It requires knowledge of proper language usage, spelling, punctuation, key-word identification, referencing and cross-referencing. Attention to detail is essential.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has talent for gathering, processing, recording, transmitting, filing and/or retrieving information. Key talents are knowledge of proper language usage, spelling and punctuation; referencing, filing and retrieval abilities; and attention to detail.
Low motivation indicates that this person has little interest in technical information management. There is seemingly too much detail, routine and paper work to maintain interest beyond a brief period of time.