Aptitude: Mental, Perceptual, Sensory/Physical

Q-Sensory/Mental Awareness of Detail Per Se: natural visual awareness of detail, mental reception and retention of detail, and excellent mental recall of detail; excellent scanning for detection of detail related to previously seen things that are similar; valuable in administrative, secretarial, clerical, inventory, teller, cashiering, supermarket, parts room, or mailroom activities.

Sensory/mental awareness of detail per se requiring natural perception, retention and recall of detail. Occupational emphasis on detail relative to clerical, administrative, computational, technical, or procedural activities. This assumes sustained awareness, accuracy, and recall.

High motivation indicates that this person has natural, constant perception, retention, and recall of verbatim detail. That is detail which registers, as accurately as possible, that something exists. Its source, meaning, utility, and/or potential are secondary or irrelevant compared to its existence, documentation, and availability for later reference or use. In appraisals, this is the core definition for clerical detail. Computational and literary traits contribute to this awareness.
Moderate motivation indicates that this person has good ability to see, retain, and recall detail. It is not a fixation on detail, or a vocational specialization based on detail. Awareness of detail is a useful talent in functional, operational, or administrative activities.
Low motivation indicates that this person is not aware of specific detail except in, and during, strongly motivated activities. There may be a place for everything, but everything doesn't always (or often) get to that assigned place. If involved too much or too long with detail, low motivation indicates that this person can actually experience "clerical claustrophobia" that would lead to psychosomatic consequences.